The unmeltable Partyguide

Melt? Then don’t continue reading, you might regret it, cause there is news at the club front, all compiled in this weekend’s party guide, research conducted under threat of life and body, made for dancers, music lovers, Berliners, new-Berliners, the curious ones and the explorers. Parties after the jump:


Woohoo, the infamous Kater 25, no wait, Kater Holzig restaurant, made by just one of the former owners and the doorgirl that was loved only by few, opens up for a little boohoo and dinner. Get an impression of what on earth is going on there and why it takes so long. No clubbing yet though, but I would be surprised if this night wasn’t to turn into a little party…!

Not far from there, Voodoohop takes place at Jacki Terrace, a party from Brasil, Sao Paulo with Jessie Evans live, Preston G Pallarax behind the turntables and for a change, not music but art by Hugo Capablanca!


There is another Sysiphos Festival with a looong line-up which you can look up on filthy Facebook yourself, honey. Keep fingers crossed for no rain or at least less rain!

Ausgerechnet Trendbezirk: Voll Schön this time takes place at Waterloo Haus, Hallesches Tor, the secret area of joy, well sometimes at least. With Micu, Alexandre Pleitier and Catastrophe, the latter normally playing with and as Ena Wild!


A few weeks ago a new nice place named Ktv made by Till of Bar Tausend opened up in Chaussestr. in Mitte. It looks like a mixture of Trust and Bar King Size and some oldies of the sort that never leave Mitte have been talking about old Rio-Times, bla bla. But those times are gone, Mitte has changed and within short while, if not so already, the rather posh Bar Tausend crowd will rule here, so hurry up for HotTub this Saturday, before it is too late!

Shanglhangl has seeked and found asylum at the Sameheads store in Neukölln’s Richardstr. Baseminz is a party with Dub, Funk, HipHop, Triphop and Bassline beats played by Farao, Quendolin, Fender, Mene Axelrod, Craftsman and Lebowski, and since it is the Hubba Bubba edition, they are offering free Hubbabubba to the first visitor!

Massimiliano Pagliara Record Release party at Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Friedrichshain/Treptow. Disco til you drop when Pagliara and Rotciv aka the Rimshooters take out their records next to Discodromo!

Funny Sonnenklar-Openair at the Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221. With Cem Orlow, Mate and many more!

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