Survive Fashion Week

Survive Fashion Week

Amandine from LesBerlinettes

One of the reasons why I like Berlin Fashion Week is that every season there is something new in store for me. This season was no exception in that respect. Alongside Designer Scouts and the Vintage Smackdown that we were organizing this season, I also executed a project called Survive Fashion Week together with ITEM m6.

Inspired by all the downsides of Fashion Week – which include hassling from one event to the other, waiting in line forever, almost dying of starvation because of lack of time to eat, and suffering from leg pains in the end of the day – I came up with a special program for bloggers like myself that offers an antidote to all of these little luxury problems. More about it after the jump.

The main item of this exclusive service is the ITEM m6 wellness sock – a hightech product that gives its wearer more energy on a long day on the legs by stimulating the Meridian 6 spot that is situated right above the ankle. All of the participating bloggers could choose one of the ITEM m6 models that come in various colors and shapes including socks, stay ups, tights and leggins.

In addition to the socks the bloggers also received survival packages including snacks, a hand fan for hot days, beauty products by Dr. Hauschka thanks to the eco Showroom, and an exclusive Berlin Fashion Week guide edited by me and made by blurb. They also received a make-up Service by Dr. Hauschka and on Friday we offered massages and wellness drinks and snacks in the Survive Fashion Week Spa.

Below you’ll find some impressions of the project as well as a video we shot with the lovely Alice from i heart Alice who interviewed a couple of interesting personalities on how they actually survive the stressful fashion week.

Thanks to Alice for being our charming interviewer!

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