Let the Weekend begin..

After last weekend a male cat has celebrated his opening, this weekend there is a Russian opera shown in a cafe, the birthday of a Bulgarian dj, another birthday, by a bunch of creative Englishmen this time, a Sommerfest and a party by the lake. More detailed partytips right after this jump:


Sado Opera goes Dada is a so called punk opera show from St. Petersburg / Russia that takes place at cafe Bohnengold with supporting music by the two frenchman of Dada Disco!

The Loophole in Boddinstr. 60 presents four musicians from the States and Switzerland Heavy Dew with Helen Gillet, Aurora Nealand, Simon Berz and the Wiggins!


Sommerfest im Tal der Verwirrung is a party on the Insel der Jugend (Island of Youth), a show – off – short – trip – location for families in the former GDR. During the 90s there have been several techno parties, the Insel now gets reanimated with performance, artists and last but not least, eletronic music by what seems the whole electro scene. To name a few, Pilocka Krach, Axel Bartsch, Cotumo, David Dorad and many more. Lasts until Sunday!

The Local Suicide Djs are playing at our favourite get wasted club Wilde Renate at The Dance Electric next to Ricardo Esposito and many more!


The Sameheads are having their 5th birthday and hey invite you to an open air party in the Wuhlheide! On this occasion, Berlin’s dj with the most extravagant styling (to my knowledge), Emil Doesn’t Drive, celebrates his 30th birthday. The line-up icludes the birthday child of course, Franz Underwear, Kruton, Dsb, well, the Sameheads djs. It starts 13.00 and goes on until 20, after party at the store in Neukölln!

Out of the Ordinary at Tape Club in celebration of Traxx’s 40th birthday with The Crystal Ark live, Nancy Fortune, Traxx, Trevor Jackson, Hunee and many more!

Into the Wald was cancelled! Another open air at the Kiessee Kiekebusch where long ago funny Techno parties took place. I remember that party, when we had to leave all our stuff behind causethe place was stormed by a troup of Nazi Skins. That wasn’t funny after all, but worth remembering. We’ve only been a bunch of people back than, but in case a party counts more than a hundred guest I here ask you not to run away. More infos every Thursday here!

Kaputt takes place at Morlox Club and features Hula Hula Reisegruppe, Fanfarrosa and more!

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