5 1/2 Questions for Rosann Brandt from Agency V

Rosann Brandt is PR consultant at Ageny V in Berlin. This year the popular agency moved to a new office in Berlin Kreuzberg. If you read through the list of their clients you see names of fashion gurus like Henrik Vibskov but also hip Scandinavian labels such as Wood Wood or Monki. Agency V knows what’s hot and so does Rosann. After the jump you’ll find her answers to my 5 1/2 questions.

1. I love the labels you promote, such as Cheap Monday or Minimarket. Agency V definitely has good taste 😉 What kind of labels are selected by Agency V?

It’s a very intuitive decision but of course they have to fit with our existing labels in the showroom. We also support newcomers we like and believe in.

2. To request this interview I looked you up on Facebook and wanted to add you as a friend but saw we’re actually already connected. I can’t remember when and why. Do you have any idea?

I think it was regarding fashion show tickets for Sleek magazine.

For a long time I was really anti-facebook. However, since starting work for AgenturV full time I’ve come to see the advantages of facebook. I write e-mails and talk on the phone with so many people during the day and don’t know what they look like. With facebook I can put a face to the name and I recognize people at the next event.

3. Thanks to Facebook I also know that you were in Istanbul recently. What are the main differences between Istanbul and Berlin, apart from the weather? And what’s the same?

Unfortunately the weather was pretty much the same as in Berlin during my stay: rainy. In Istanbul you often get the feeling of being in Berlin Kreuzberg. In contrast to Berlin, Istanbul has that fascinating mix of modernity and traditional values.
Some parts of the city have a modern, European feel and other districts have a really conservative atmosphere. And Istanbul is not as flat as Berlin. Istanbul has steep hills which give the city its charm.

4. Did you have a good bed-time ritual when you were young?

My mother told my brother and me bed-time stories. After that I always wanted to know what my mother was doing while I was in bed because I could hear her walking through the flat. I was keen to know what adults did while I slept.

5. What do you wear at night?

My boyfriend’s shirt.

5.1/2 Rosann asks Christine Neder: What did you dream last night?

That’s a weird question! I keep having the recurring dream about my next book’s plot.

Interview: Christine Neder


Christine Neder - 90 Nächte 90 Betten

Christine Neder is a graduate fashion designer become journalist who made a name for herself as the ultimate couch surfer. For her book projekt 90 Nights 90 Beds she spent three months in Berlin sleeping in a different home every night. Apart from her book she also documents her experience in all those different homes on her blog. For iHeartBerlin.de she met such notable personalities as Markus Kavka and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxes to ask them 5 1/2 questions…

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