Curry Rotweiss Party

On Saturday a new event named Curry Rotweiss launches at Backyard in Kreuzberg. The name refers to a typical German speciality you might have tried already: our beloved Currywust! In Berlin you order “rotweiss” if you want your wurst with both, ketchup and mayo. Curry Rotweiss has several  surprises coming up for you on Saturday including a test of courage to win a free shot, an art installation in the yard, free Wurst for early birds and a discount for the few Berlin born aliens left. More on the event, the DJs and pics of our lovely models Nadya and Philip after the jump.

Curry Rotweiss claims to have “quite attractive DJs”, let’s take a closer look at this. On the electronic floor we got Cinthie, what can we say about Cinthie, well, there are not many female record DJanes ( perhaps a refusal of having to carry heavy record bags ), but she is one of them. She used to be a resident of the meanwhile closed Villa and is now having a real fanbase as is Brax Moody, the handsome guy with huge music knowledge who is one part of the DJ duo Local Suicide.

Sven Weizenegger aka Heldenbrand has entertained the crowd at the UdK bachelor party with his NdW Punk with a sip of turkish blood and he will do so on Saturday in the other room. Try to grab guestlist tickets on our Facebook Fanpage by leaving a comment there!

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