An August Party Guide

Brax Moody ( Local Suicide )

It is an August that feels like October, but don’t let that weather bring you down. At least noone is gonna cut your head, arms and legs off like it happened to the poor tattooist of White Trash. It turned out that it hasn’t been the mafia, though it would have been more exciting. It has simply been some “friend” who he got into a drunk fight with, eew. Watch out this weekend who you are having a drink with, will you. Parties after the jump:


Washed Out is playing live with a real band at Festsaal Kreuzberg tonight, promoting the new album Within and Without. Go and dive into that Chillwave sound, it’s hot and it’s new.

Kater Holzig turns into Dada Disco, meaning Dada Disco, two french guys living in berlin, are playing this night, as well as Hunee and Emil Doesn’t Drive. Very Discoish, at least Kater does it a bit different than Bar 25, even if the look is the same!


The Magician is playing at What Club, Alexanderplatz next to the former “Markthalle”. Also playing Hugs and Drugs and Pink Ganter, 8 Euros!

Emil Doesn’t Drive and Franz Underwear are playing at Wrong Era, taking place at Maybachufer 48, also featuring Casey Pearl Flash. his is real Disco!

London Calling is Berlin’s oldest ( and only ) gay Indie night at the cheesy Schwuz, hahaha, fun!

Kyle Hall is the new Detroit hope, after meanwhile all his dj god fellows from the 90s have a family and kids ( not very godlike ). Hall is playing at Deep Fried, taking place at About Blank, Friedrichshain!


The is always a festival these days, the Luft und Liebe Festival takes place at Spreepark Plänterwald and takes 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. It costs 30 Euro and features acts such as Monkey Maffia, Round Table Knights, Kollektiv Ost and many more Iam too lazy to mention or I simply never heard of, but that doesn’t mean anything. May the weather god be with us!

Get your Berlin Curry Rotweiss at Backyard with decent electronic music by Cinthie, Brax Moody and Ndw stuff by Sven Weizenegger, Gitschinerstr., next to the Prinzenbad. There will be wurst for free between 24-1, funny games, a car installation and more stuff right there in Kreuzberg, 6 Euro and discount if you are a born Berliner!

Hunching all night presents Hunee, the busy husband and disco man as well as Traxx a Kimchi Princess, the restaurant / bar / club, whatever you want to call it, in Kreuzberg!

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