Listening to Music with Acid Pauli

In electronic music, there is no artist that is more versatile than Acid Pauli. In his DJ sets, he goes far beyond conventional Techno. Acid Pauli combines the music that he likes und puts together music that wasn’t meant to be put together. And that is a great variety of music.

During his DJ sets, he plays Techno tracks, songs by Johnny Cash, Reggae classics, Italian songs form the 60ies, chansons by Serge Gainsbourg and unknown ABBA songs. As you see: music has no borders for Acid Pauli.

In our interview with Acid Pauli we asked him about music by Nina Hagen, Justin Hinds, The Highlighters and Aloe Blacc. His answers after the jump.

Nina Hagen – Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen

When I agreed to do this interview, I thought: „Great, finally not just another interview, but something different. I just talk about Madonna, Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga, no problem for an old Pop guy like me“.

Now here I am, having to cope with two unpleasant facts: the deadline and the fact, that I have not heard any of these songs before, I don’t know most of the artists either.

Well, of course I do know Nina Hagen. But similar to Falco I only know the stuff they made when they had been already very successful.
I bought Falco’s first impressing record just some years ago.

Nina Hagen is still on my shopping lists. That has got something to do with a certain memory from my childhood. I was 9 or 10 years old, when I heard a song in a car of the brother of my friend, and this song was extremely distorting and fascinating at the same time. Years later, I thought that this could only have been a song by Nina Hagen, and ever since I have been looking forward to the moment of hearing and rediscovering this song. Until then, I am going to listen to this brilliant piece of music.

Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Over the river

When I was a teenager, it was absolutely impossible to hang out somewhere outside during the summer without listening to “Buffalo Soldier” and the rest of “The very best of Bob Marley.” Back in the days, everything was still on tape, so there wasn’t the luxury of a change in the running order – by the last chord you always knew which song was next. Of course this let to a strong refusal from me and my friends, and we just claimed Reggae to be the most horrible style of music on earth.

But after making fun of it for years, we discovered that Ska and Reggae are in fact not that bad – if you go beyond the clichés. Two of my friends actually started to play old Ska and Reggea records on parties. I think I have not danced so much since then, and fore sure I have heard this song during one of these parties.

The Highlighters band – Funky 16 corners

In our chart show of the hated music, Reggea was immediately followed by Funk. Funk is the kingdom of “Mucker” (the kind of people music means nothing but to play as much scales as possible as fast as possible). Naturally, we did not have access to good record shops, so to us Funk was nothing but boring music full of solos .

But when you hear unbelievable songs like these, you immediately understand the energy and the great amount of fun people are having with it. I bought it right away.

Aloe Blacc- I need a dollar

Sorry, but I just spent my Dollar for something different, even though I somehow like your voice…

Acid Pauli – Marvin

Just as Bonparte said: “Acid Pauli is totally overrated. He plays music by other people, just like any other DJ.”

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