Broken Party Scene

Same same but a bit different. The Bar has all of us back again. Have a laugh when that bloke from work stumbles around without control or people kiss in the corners who really aren’t supposed to kiss. It’s afterhour. It is different though, but why? It’s bigger and nicer is it and more of the skip Saturday night – have brunch with your parents  – then pop into that afterhour – kind? Beware..! Parties as usual after the jump:


La Jeunesse Doree presents the Dfa issue with guest from Tel Aviv live and dj sets by Gavin Russom, Beaner, Farbfernseher’s Dick & Fett, yikes. Sounds like a very long nite to me!

We have already featured Blitz IV in the event guide, therefore only short: Horst Kreuzberg, dress up fag, dress up!

My little self and the unbelievably hot blonde bombshells of Tigeress are playing Gold Gold Gold at Bohnengold tonight, only good music guaranteed, behaviour not!

Shite, Beroshima at Suicide Club is something you definetely shouldn’t miss if you want to be in one room with a late 90s legend, aww!


We Love HipHop, well, what can I say, that name speaks for itself (though the name sound familiar). It’s at Cookies and it’s not only in the Dream Lounge but all over the place and Hip Hop parties at Cookies are usually solid fun!

As there is a summer hole, I advice you to have a look at the Slutwalk (with awareness), buy a few cans of beer and sit by the water. Alternatively you could go to Berghain / Panorama Bar (Pannebar in German, yes) to listen to Andre Galluzi, Glen Faki and Savas Pascalidis or try to sneak into Kater Holzig (man, hurry, we all have had a look already) where the program doesn’t really matter and is therefore here not mentioned or what about taking unwilling Italian lessons at Wilde Renate, hm?!


Take off with the Ms Renate, it’s this summer’s last edition guided by some Wolf and Lamb action. Buy a ticket for 25 Euro wthout moaning cause renting a boat is expensive and the new club of that Bar 25 – Renate coalition fatale has to be finished. Relax, it isn’t even in Germany! Ms Renate this Sunday, starts at Tegeler See at 1 pm, pre – sale at the Renate!

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