Kater Holzig Restaurant & Cafe

photo: Katja Hentschel

Some things are so highly anticipated that the excitement has already vanished by the time it finally arrives. That was also the case for Kater Holzig which is one of the new kids from the Bar 25 staff. When it was finally opening I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be. But when I finally entered I realized that the long waiting paid off. The new terrain of pleasure looks amazing! I already have fantasies of how it will be when the initial hype is over and the fun stuff will beginn. So far I only had the chance to check out their Katerschmaus. After the jump you’ll find my review of the Kater Holzig restaurant.

I think that everybody at my table agreed that the location is truely amazing. Sadly, nobody could say the same thing about the food. Perhaps we were just a bit unlucky that night. But we all took a main course for more than 15 Euro and nobody was really satisfied. The taste was ok, but I was still very hungry after the three home-made Tagliatelle they served. Same with the people who hoped a starter for 9 Euro would at least give a nice evening snack. But if you have to hire a search team to find the starter on the giant white plate something is going wrong.

I would definetly suggest to get a drink or perhaps a dessert at the Kater Holzig Restaurant. But their “we want to be the coolest restaurant with the most retarted service team and the tiniest portions of it all”-attitude didn’t sit very well with us. Still I have to experience what the Kater Holzig has to offer as a club. But for that I definetly need a at least a bit of sunshine.

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Kater Holzig Restaurant & Café

Michaelkirchstr. 23

10179 Berlin

“Katerschmaus” (restaurant) open Tue-Sat from 18h

“Café Obendrauf” open Tue-Sat 10-17h

Reservations: +49-(0)30-51 05 21 34


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