Sleepless Partyguide

Britta Arnold

There it is – the summer – we were all longing for. We now have to catch up on everything, don’t we. Sleepness nights, waiting for us. Parties after the jump:


Admiral Black, that guy from Dublin named Shaun has a realease and the record release party takes place at Antje Oeklesund in Friedrichshain with a live show by Admiral Black, Will Carruthers and dj Lindemann!

Sundowners and Painkillers might be offered at Wilde Renate, though the painkillers are normally a Sunday’s supply for hangovered tourists. It’s a chill evening, a bit like Cafe Del Mar, just rougher with music by Balerik Beatnik and Kim Wilde ( they dive deep into these 80s names at Renate )!

Quite a program tonight at Kater Holzig with former Bar 25 star djane Britta Arnold and the Sorry Entertainers live and Mira. We have had a review on the restaurant here earlier which wasn’t that positive, but only the rooftop terrace is worth catching a glimpse!


Coming home record release party compiled by Jazzanova at KtV, the new place in Mitte made by the Tausend bar people, which is obviously a real threat to Picknick. But only the strong survive as we all know, so let’s see who is gonna win the race in the end! On the decks Alex Barck, Juergen von Knoblauch, Claas Brieler with support by Daniel W. Best!

The name says it all at Homopatik Tanz-Guerilla, a party at Friedrichshain based club About Blank with a yard and djs Mr Ties and Guerilleros.


The Fuckparade was once initiated in order to prostest against the closure of the legendary techno club Bunker and now stands for the survival of Berlin subculture. Its has recently got more attention by merging with the Mediaspree Movement – a fight against the selling of land for building at the Spree, amongst the popular victims we got the infamous Bar 25. The colourful protest march guided by music starts at 14.00 in front of that Bunker from back than in Reinhardtstr., probably the best club that ever existed in Berlin, at least the most amusing one!

Schluckauf at Golden Gate. You want to know Berlin sub-minimal-culture? Go to Golden Gate and get trashed, but really trashed. What exactly you can expect to find there? Well, cursing barstaff, extremely drunk young girls, nice tourists and a bit of a descent of what we know as society. Djs Kling Klang Bande, Franklin da Costa and more!

Last Days of Christina takes the pi.. out of celebrities and has a fun promising line up with a live gig by The Comedian, Disco by Dj Salto Mortale, resident of the Mitte based King Size bar, electronics and Indie by the blonde bombshells Tigeress and a joyful mix by model and artist ladies duo Doreen and Julia of Cookies. Moreover host Suz is going to play some of her favourite songs, it’s her birthday tonight. Dance!

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