Listening to Music with Bodi Bill

Recently I attendend an exhibition on music videos at the Museum for Applied Arts in Cologne. It is really a pity that this wonderful art form is much less important than it used to be.

In our interview with Bodi Bill, probably Berlin’s most exiting band, you will find a selection of wonderful music videos – videos that are much more than a promotion tool, videos that have an artistic quality themsevles.

The directors of these videos are Andy Warhol (for The Cars), Spike Jonez (for Björk) Wong Kar-Wai (for DJ Shadow), Anton Corbijn (for Nirvana) and Stephane Leonard (für Bodi Bill).

Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet (Regie: Spike Jonze)

Yes, very nice. I always liked that song, especially because Björk did something different here with the big band, and this was before Robbie Williams came along with that.

I once included this song on a mix tape I did for a girl. Besides, I like Spike Jonze, too, especially because of his “Drop” video for The Pharcyde. That was really an eye-catching back then.

Nirvana — Heart Shaped Box (Regie: Anton Corbijn)

That was the time, when there was a posted in your local record shop: “If you play >Come as you are<, you will be thrown out!” Back in the 90ies, Nirvana were the reason for learning to play guitar for a lot of people.

You can also find Anton Corbijn’s aesthetic in his video of “Songs of Faith and Devotion” for Depeche Mode. That was a hard time for die-hard fans.

The Cars – Hello Again (Regie: Andy Warhol)

I did not know that one at all. There is something about it… The aspect of self-irony, probably. And that is something I always find quite nice.

DJ Shadow – Six Days (Regie: Wong Kar-Wai)

Looks like a Wong Kar-Wai movie… And I think there is a connection between this video and his movie „2046“. This song is really chilled, but unfortunately it also makes me think of a beach bar on Ibiza, and I have never been to Ibiza…

Bodi Bill – Brand New Carpet (Regie: Stephane Leonard)

It is hard so say something about a video by your own band. However, I know that a lot of people put quite a lot of work into this. And I think you really notice that. Just enjoy it!

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