10 Ways To Have More Fun With The Rain

The rain is back, how have we missed it… Once again you can’t really go to any open air club, lake trip, park chilling with this horrendous weather. That’s way I searched for 10 umbrellas which perhaps are not making the rain go away but for sure give you a lot of fun with it. Check it out after the jump.

The Musician – Rain Drum

Rain is rhythm and to get the full potential out of this natural percussion, this umbrella will transform your walk to the u-bahn in a rhythmic pleasure. The shade of the umbrella is made up of five different wax cloths, to imitate the different frequency of the hi-hat, crash, tom-tom, bass and snare.

The Fashionable

With this Alexander McQueen outfits and sexy umbrella hats you can “out-fashion” the rain.

The Dreamer

Dreaming of white clouds instead of black and rainy ones? This umbrella protects you with magical floating clouds all around you. For all dreamers among you the perfect choice.

The Bicycle-Fan

Bicycle-fan be ready! This umbrella may solve all your solutions. Not as sporty as usual, but you will at least arrive at home not pouring water from your sleeves. Still I am sceptical about the wind splashing the rain in you face.

The Futurist

Japanese inventors created this futuristic super umbrella. With the taiphoons this comes not as a suprise. Even if this super protection might come in handy, it somehow looks like you are in an umbrella cage.

The Romantic

Sharing an umbrella is more unsexy then cosy. There is always one getting wet in the end. For the lovebirds of the summer this umbrella is maybe the romantic solution to a rainy walk through the park.

The Dangerous

You want a bad ass umbrella to show off your fighting skills? These umbrella swords will make the city tremble in front of your.

The Protester

Saying Fuck to the rain is not polite but definitely indispensable in the last weeks. This umbrella shows the weather disrespect.

The Enlightening

Not only this summer was rainy. It was kind of dark as well. To bring more magic light to your way home, this umbrella seems to be the perfect companion. And it could help to prevent car accidents as well.

The Alcoholic

Nothing is more frustrating to get sober waiting in the rain in the cue of Berghain. This umbrella with a hidden alcohol reservoir will keep you warm and drunk. And it is somehow very dandy.

And now just for fun some old musical tunes….

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