Watching Rich Party Kids

Lose yourself in a well – considered party weekend with open airs by the water, in a garden and parties at dirty locations. Endstation Berlin party scene. They come here flawless and leave blunted. Parties that will steal your innocence after the jump:


Picture Palace Music at Loophole in Boddinstr. 60, 6 concerts – 46 songs, Neukölln at its best!

Brooklyn Invasion with Light Asylum, Creep, Romy XX and more tonight at Berghain Cuntine, in case you haven’t seen Light Asylum yesterday, 8 Euro or something!

Kater Holzig is closed today in case you wanted to stumble in for a nose, beer I mean!


All In is a new night at Chez Jacki and the concept is as simple as it can be: to bring the best of everything, namely Dub Step, Drum’n Bass and Techno with Fracture vs. Compound One and more by the water, behind the former Maria!

Adamantine as Iam, I once again try to support parties in the former west part of Berlin, the one that is not XBerg or Neukölln, the next big thing anyway. I therefore hope you apologize if it is a bit, well, uncool. Those pathetic kids who want their own club in Zehlendorf are having a rooftop terrace party in Steglitz, hahaha! Rich kids – watching, might be fun and the first 50 guest get a drink for free. Ha!

Der Wilde Freitag at Wilde Renate with Sven Dohse and more, nice flyer, as usual!


Party at What?! is Love with Fleshdance and Blind Date at What! Club, Alexanderplatz. The Club next to Mac Donalds or is it Burger King, opened in spring and continues with a nice programme!

A bit gayish but not intentionally is Arm and Sexy, the party with the name that is simply telling you everything about this rotten city, again at Lokygarten, where they have found their summer location!

Spank the Blank, Berlin as fucked up as it is ( Iam allowed to say that as a native, you’re not!! ) at an after hour at About Blank. With Cem Orlow, Egoshooter and more and don’t lose your head in the garden!

Malz über Kopf Festival at Malzfabrik, Südkreuz, in the former middle of nowhere, the cross between Tempelhof and Schöneberg, for a while home to the infamous pervy club Kit Kat, now ground for several bigger parties. The line up includes Alle Farben, Turmspringer, Sven Dohse and Fresh Meat, the ladder likes to wear his shirt wide open girls. Tickets are 10 / 12 Euro, 3 floors inside and outside and there will be art and visual stuff as well!


Andre Galluzzi, oh dear, how he brought us joy in the beginning days of Minimal at Casino Garden or Ostgut. He is still alive, playing by the water at Rummelsburg!

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