Ciao Kiki

I have the feeling that this is the summer of goodbyes! And nothing is more strange than saying goodbye to somebody who you never really met. Like the colleague that quits just at the second day of your new job. So it was strange for me to read on facebook that the Kiki Blofeld is closing for good this weekend. In my mind I was there a million times but actually I was always on the other side of the river dancing at the Bar 25. My friend used to say about Kiki: Always when I was there I felt like the people on the other side of the river have more fun. Well now it’s kind of over for both sides. Even if there is still the new little cat at the river. But Kiki Blofeld will not go without saying goodbye. This weekend there will be a lot going on. Check out the program to learn more. Well, Kiki, I wish I had known you better than just from the other side of the river. More pictures of the place after the jump.

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