Massive Attack

The Drums

This weekend provides a massive attack on all your sense organs and on your legs. There are so many acts in town, it’s insane. If you can’t or won’t afford the Berlin Festival, there are a number of good parties apart from that. Parties within and out of the festival after the jump:


English habits in Neukölln: The Sameheads are having their Pubquiz again and a jackpot of 100-150 Euro is waiting for you!

Swedish bloke Leo Diamond and his Awesome djs such as Kobra Krames, Jubilee and more are having a party tonight, What!? Club at Alexanderplatz!


Andy Butler and Boy George Dj set, Diplo, Das Glow, Daniel Wang and many more at Arena / Club XBerg, right after the Berlin Festival ground is closed!

Spank Me Disco at Salon Zur Wilden Renate with Deep Space Orchestra, Dance Disorder, Franz Underwear and Berlin’s most smitten Greek – German couple Vamparela and Brax Moody aka Local Suicide Djs plus a performance by the Crystal Mafia!

Sonar Kollektiv Labelnight feat. Stee Downes, Jazzanova, Hunee, Dirk Rumpff & Daniel W. Best @ KTV on Friday!


Grand Stattbad Reopening for the winter/fall season with a party on three floors, amongst the djs are Florian Meindl, Aaron Hedges, Am Track and Fresh Meat and a performance by Syntron and RIOTarts!

If you’re around that cross between Kreuzberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain, Ewan Pearson is playing at Kater Holzig tonight!

The Berlin Festival / Arena event comes up with Public Enemy ( OMG ), erm Mr Oizo, Gesaffelstein who is supposed to be good looking, I will check on that, and many more!


Electric Ballroom used to be the best party ever in Berlin – until it got discovered by the average club visitor – bla bla you know these stories. The reason it went down was probably the end of that 90s feeling which Electric Ballroom managed to capture for a very long time. If you think you are partying hard and people get lose where you’re at, you have no imagination what used to happened there. There was a reason you wouldn’t find me at school on a Tuesday morning…from time to time there is a Ballroom Reloaded party at SO36 and if you are lucky, a few of the old blokes show up. They could tell you stories, they have seen it all. With Daffy and Djoker Daan, still djing!

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