Wipe away the Tears


The weekend brings us parties at a few new venues, the end of this year’s beloved open air season, the end of summer. Wipe away the tears young friend, it’s only 6 long months of winter. Parties after the jump:


Schachmatt, a night with strong girls at the decks, Mira and the fabulous Britta Arnold are playing at Kater Holzig tonight. Take that jumper with you girl!

Gold Gold Gold with Alexandre Pleitier and the lovely Tigeresses Sophia and Nina tonight at Bohnengold Cafe!

Also a jumper you might need for Bordel Abroad at Schönwetter in Mauerpark, it’s the season’s closing party, or at Sundowners and Painkillers at Wilde Renate, further down at the very border of darkness falls Friedrichshain / Treptow. They all start 9ish!


Then there is a new place called Fiese Remise at Köpenicker Straße not far from Kater Holzig. Remotely as cool as the “we are all still going for the carnival, pirate, glitter and funfair style” neighbour though but surely worth checking out, tonight MarMar and friends!

Take some live Erobique lessons at Horst Kreuzberg or get on a Bonus Level at Picknick, the party by the club’s former runner who meanwhile made it from runner to dj to and who now returns with his own party. See, better be nice with your employees… Fanfarossa is playing live, the Hula Hula Reisegruppe and Konni of course!

This year’s last Sysiphos Festival takes place today. Say goodbye to that cosy place!

Shameless Limitless are having a party at that place called Naherholung Sternchen in the middle of several tower blocks, but it is still Mitte. With art and Hush Hush live!


After that place at Moritzplatz called Blumenbar somehow didn’t work out, the involved persons who are seemingly the Vice blokes have invented a new name: Prinz Charles Bar and get it on tonight with the opening. There are like a thousand djs mentioned but it doesn’t open up to me if that is the monthly programme or tonight’s. However opening party tonight right at U Moritzplatz with Sick Girls, Nomad, perhaps..!

Dj Rolando playing at Panorama Bar, hui!

The Great Butzke Theatre obviously at Ritter Butzke with djs Monkey Maffia, Daniel Stefanik, Soukie & Windish, The Sorry Entertainers and more plus performing art special by Playground Berlin!

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