Listening to Music with Pilocka Krach

„Pilocka Krach turns data urine into shaked martini with pear.“ In the music industry, there are not many biographies around that contain sentences like this one. But Pilocka Krach is much more than a conventional musician. Everyone who has seen her performing knows that.

Pilocka Krach creates music for people that do not want to grow up – and for those who simply diskodancing to funky trashy beats.

In our interview with Pilocka Krach we talked about music by Rock Steady Crew, Serge Gainsbourgh, Franz Liszt, David Bowie and Pilocka Krach.

Rock Steady Crew – Uprock

I want to dance like this group of teenagers. I used to listen to this music when I was a kid. Extreme influence!

Serge Gainsbourg – Les Sucettes

Breakfast music. Serge Gainsbourg makes me think of this minor car accident which I had: I was singing along so loud that I did not hear the XXXX of a big trick. France Galle makes me think of my first band „Die Computers“. We had one gig, one rehearsal and one album.

Franz Liszt – Consolation No. 3

Horowitz – he hardly moves himselve, but he moves so much in other people. It is just beautiful.

Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars – Starman

I actually believe that the lyrics of this song are very true. That is maybe because I used to listen to this song during my adolescence over and over again. Ziggie is my hero.

Pilocka Krach at the Nation of Gondwana

A gig without an audience, because I was standing on the roof of the bar and the dancefloor was around the corner. You could either look or dance at me, and I just felt like a puppet. Anyhow, I will never forget this show. By the way: I am currently recording the unpublished songs from this performance. Album, baby…

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