The Holy Weekend Partyguide


The pope is coming. Beware if you’re a fag, a user of preservatives or even an atheist. Child molester might be okay though..(oops). The party dinner is served ladies and gents, with a sip of Lido, a piece of Loftus Hall, a twist of Backyard, a gulp of The Sameheads, a mouthful of Kater Holzig and much more to get one’s just desert! Read it after the jump:


Friendly Fires and our namesakes, German band I Heart Sharks are playing at Lido tonight, the latter wearing enourmously tight trousers, not comfortable, but the girls seem to like it!

Bar 25 made him popular: Beaner has the last Beaner’s Backyard Barbeque of the year at Kater Holzig. Almost reminding me of forgotten times, almost though!


The Hyper Trendy League at the Sameheads in Neukölln, the place where “music doesn’t matter” with Narcopsy, Dj Donna Summer, Duran Duran Duran!

All That Glitters the sixth edition with special guest Blake Baxter, not at Bohnengold this time but Loftus Hall, perhaps a more adequate place for a legend such as Blake Baxter to play at, man! The circle around Micu, Alexandre Pleitier and Paolo Chinatown is playing as a support, you can only be support next to a legend, can you!

The Cafe Moscow is a relict of the former GDR, during the early nineties being one of Berlin’s most excessive Techno clubs, it reopened around ten years ago but never managed to tying up to these old times. It was then closed without me even having noticed, however, it reopens with Live Lounge tonight, Alle Farben playing!


Puff Daddy, the glorious pimp, is this partie’s slogan. That doesn’t mean any less than fun music and people at Backyard celebrating the Last Days of Puff Daddy with music from electro to Hip Hop by Creathief ( Lipstick Lazerbeams ), J-Bounce and Schlechtboy ( Villa, Stattbad ) next to the Prinzenbad’s car park, Gitschinerstr. U Prinzenstr., more infos at!

Revolution No 5 by and with the Sick Girls at chique Prince Charles, Moritzplatz, with Shystie live, Becoming Real and of course, the Sick Girls, being around for what seems forever, not longing to be where the boys are, they got ahead of them long ago!

What!? is Love at What!? Club tonight with Local Suicide who just uploaded a new mix, Nini Hielscher and Nils Bokelberg ( he used to be a rather not handsome tv guy, right? ) and more in the very centre of Berlin!

For Dubstep and Breakbeats Outside The Box we are staying in Kreuzberg at little place Chesters Inn, Glogauer Ecke Wiener!

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