In the House of ASOS

ASOS Headquarters

Imagine this antique Grecian temple where mystical rituals happen and a supreme divinity is adored. Well, if fashion is a God the headquarters of ASOS are its temple. Or where else in the world do hundreds of photo and catwalk video shoots, design sessions, trend discussions and editorial meetings take place at the same time in the same place. A busy busy place opened its doors for us during our trip to London and we where more than amazed about the tons of impression we got in just one day. We talked to the head of design of the menswear devision about the developement of ASOS, the press guy showed us the new collection, the marketing lady introduced us to the new Urban Tour menswear campaign and we had lunch with the head of the German branch whose in-house nickname is simply “Germany”.  To share our experience we took many snapshots, to get an impression take a look after the jump.

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