A Walk with Friends – A Berlin Experience

This city is a magnificent giant playground and even if the fun we have doing one thing is sometimes as big as the frustration about missing another, we love to live here after all. But what does ‘here’ actually mean? What is ‘your’ Berlin? I realize more and more that people tend to stay within their districts. Forgetting about the big Metropolis around them they seem to be so immerged into the little village we call „Kiez“.

This is what we realized when we prepared ourself for the Amble experience, a brand new iPhone App by Louis Vuitton that helps you create little walking tours through your city and tagging your favorite places with photos, videos and comments.

Our friends are so attached to their Kiezes that they never go anywhere else. That’s why we kidnapped them from their neighborhoods and went on walking tours through Mitte and Friedrichshain documenting all the new things they discovered so that we can share their experience with our readers. Stay tuned for the whole tours and make yourself acquainted with Amble with Louis Vuitton.

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