Help the Prinzessinnengärten to win!

Kreuzbörg Flowmarkt at Prinzessinnengärten


The Prinzessinengärten at Berlin Moritzplatz are an amazing place with a genious and innovative idea behind it. Using mobile vegetable patches, they transformed a 6,000 m² wasteland in the centre of Berlin into an organic urban farm. They also has several beehives and a cafe serving food made from the produce grown in the garden. Alongside its ecological aims, the project intends to offer local residents a new kind of urban space, where they can meet, work and relax together having several events there like concerts, dinners or even a fleamarket. We always liked the project and are now happy to support it. They already won the smart future mind award last year here in Berlin and are now in the run for the smart future minds community award which will support the project in the next year. Vote for them here and support our local heroes. After the jump more pictures of our trip to the Kreuzbörg Flowmarkt taking place at the Prinzessinengärten some weeks ago.

smart future minds community award

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