Is it art or just Idealistic?

The thing I like about artists working in Berlin is that they are not so much bound to economic values like in other big cities and still can have a decent living out of their art. A good way of supporting Berlin artists and don’t spend thousands on a painting is a project called Idealist.  The Idea behind it is to make a book that works as an unique live exhibition. The book is limited to 5000 pieces and has Berlin artists working on the topic of “Kampfgeist”. So, any piece of art in it was especially made for this book. I’m really impressed with this book and think that the price of 100 EUR is pretty ok for that kind of limited edition and effort and work behind it. You can see the book this weekend at the Stroke Urban Art Fair. More about the project and some images after the jump.

“This exhibition can be perceived primarily on visual, tactile, and emotional levels. In different and most varied locations around the globe, as many as 5,000 visitors are able to simultaneously participate in this group exhibition.
The art presented here is liberated from the tightly confined limitations of space and time of a three-dimensional exhibition room. Idealist offers undisturbed, intimate, contemplative viewing at any time.
Only the auditory experience is unique to every visitor of this group exhibition, depending on where he or she is at the very moment.
It is a permanent yet variable exhibition re-enacted each time the cover of this art book is opened thus transforming the viewers into action artists.
Leafing through the pages they are indispensable for this exhibition to actually exist and therefore become an instrumental and integral part of the exhibition itself.”

Bimal Saha, Curator

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