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Bloody girl at Halloween Haunted House

Get out that spooky dress, all the fake blood and storm the only proper decoration shop we got in this little town: Halloween approaches! And why do we celebrate Halloween? Because the Americans told us? Actually in order to get rid of the creatures of hell who are heading to earth by the time the dark period of the year begins. In this very night we dress like them, so they can’t get hold of us, can’t grab us in the dark of the night. Remember this if you planned to leave the house without a costume, mate. Halloweenie and unhalloweeni parties after the jump:


Juice. Dj and sprayer / artists Nomad is playing records all night long at Flamingo. Be prepared for everything from African Boogie to other weird disco pearls!

CDR Berlin at Chez Jacki with Basic Soul Unit and Hendrik Schwarz plus live performance. Open CDR: submit your music by 20:30h to be played during the night. Djs who play your and their music: Dirk Rumpff and John B. Savary


Halloween Haunted House II presented by Last Days takes it serious and is planning on the decoration basically since last year. In two rooms spidermen, vampire ladies, ghouls and zombies will be ready to dance when Fresh Meat, Engtanzkavalier, Konni and Suz are playing tunes of dead and torture. Halloween look is a must, be whoever or whatever you wanna be. Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr.!

Yes we ten! Magnet Club becomes ten years old. After moving from dying Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg’s boarder to Friedrichshain the ususal magnet clients were happy to have an Indie club near them. After ten more years we will surely celebrate Magnet’s twentieth birthday!

Dia de Los Muertos with Burlesque, Emil Doesn’t Drive, Chris Wood and more at Salon Zur Wilden Renate!


Fried Halloween! Time again for Berlin’s premier fried English breakfast club and Return to Zero live with a special 7pm set upstairs, Skism, Dixxx Bleeding, Emil Doesn’t Drive and dsb! English breakfast served until 18h, Halloween costume 11h – Late!

Virgins, Vikings, Vampires, a costume Halloween night at Hbc presented by Peres with djs Nico Vascellari, Thick Madames ft. Viking-Ass Bitches, Keller Kosmas (AIDS-3D) and Gigiotto Del Vecchio.Entrance Fee: 5,-!


This is the the day of the undead and if you’re a zombie, move your rotten ass to White Trash, the Americans usually know how to do a Halloween party!

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