Halloween Haunted House II Party

They creep. Out of the holes, crypt and tombs. Werevolves, witches, vampires, blood – brides, leprechauns, fairies, nymphs and other creatures of hell and night. Where they are going? They gather at Halloween Haunted House II this Saturday, the place that promises the best, creepiest Halloween party. Gruesome djs, bloody bar brides, zombie dancers, the Haunted House party takes place for the second time at Backyard and those who survived last year ( hangovered ), they know… last year even dead Mooshammer showed up, watch the photo prove and get more infos after the jump:

Last Days presents this party with passion for handmade decoration and creepy atmosphere. Scary dresses will be honoured, if you dare to come undressed, this will be your last night amongst the living, promise. You don’t have to buy expensive outfits to become a zombie, don’t you. Be welcome by the trail of death, get burnt at the stake, try a necromancy of Michael or Amy and most importantly, dance! Solid techno by dreadful Fresh Meat and Konni, Indie and 80s tunes by bedevilled Engtanzkavalier and electronic and 90s by undead Suz. Join the reign of blood, the dance of the vampires, Saturday at midnight, Gitschinerstr. 22. Win tickets on our Facebook fanpage!

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