Listening to music with Hannes Smith

„Somebody has great plans here, and chances are good he might succeed. With him, the Deep House scene can enjoy a little popstar moment.“ That’s what the Debug said about Hannes Smith’s last EP on Etoka Shapes.

As a a matter of fact, there is not much electronic music out there that is just as exiting and beautiful as his. Anyone who has seen him performing live can confirm this.

In our interview with Hannes Smith, we talked about music by Beirut, The Kills, Franz Schubert and Apparat.

“If I was young, I’d flee this town / I’d bury my dreams underground …”

If I had heard this song three years ago, it would have been part of my soundtracks on my journey to Island. Instead, I listened to Eddie Vedder, Björk und Glen Hansard.

I really got to know Beirut when I was in Reykjavik. In the beginning I always thought he wasbe from there as well. Now I found out that he is originally from the USA. Good to know. But I am sure his musical style was also influenced by Island. By the way, this song reminds me of „Fishermans’ Friend“ by the band Útidúr (just as a little advice).

Oh man, thank you for picking this song. I instantly remember a little story that is connected it.

It was during my time in Island: I was once again pretty drunk at THE Rock and Indie bar in Reykjavik. It was December, the streets were quite slippery and the sun was shining for not more than three hours each day. At five o’clock in the morning, when all the bars and clubs had to close down, so I decided to go home. The people in the club were all quite drunk, and they came stumbling out of the club when they played „Black Balloon“ as the final song of the evening. I had a slice of pizza shortly afterwards, and then I went home. Alone or in company?!?! I cannot remember.

If I had unterstood as a child that it is worth the effort to learn how to play an instrument, it would have certainly been the piano.

So I became a autodidact later on. As a result, I can not read music, and the coordination of may hands only works when I am drunk or when I don´t pay attention while I am playing.

I still sometimes wish I could play just as good as Mr. Zimerman does in this video. However, I enjoy every opportunity playing the piano. I love these moments, because then I never know what is going to happen next.

Apparat has always been one of my biggest musical influences and inspirations. Even if I think some of the last productions are a little bit too much pop.

However, when I´m not listening to my own stuff and when I need some space in my artistic freedom, I listen to his album „Walls“. That is definitely one of my favourites.

I wrote this song one and a half years ago, shortly before I came back to Germany. By that time I listened to many old French chansons, among others a song by french singer Babara: „Dis, quand reviendras-tu?“ („Tell me, when are you coming back?“).

That´s why I adapted it. The grammatical fault has got nothing to do with my missing knowledge in French, I did it on purpose. Some also call that „artistic freedom“.

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