Best Electronic Music of 2011

In 2011, the number of techno record releases has increased significantly. Due to software such as Ableton it has become a Kindergarten game to produce electronic music. Nowadays everybody who can push a software button calls himself a producer.

However, quantity is not quality. Most of the electronic music that was produced in 2011 will be forgotten in 2012. Nevertheless, there were also a significant number of tracks this year that I will always remember. Have a look after the jump to see my very personal selection of the five best electronic tracks in 2011.

Andri feat. Hellsongs “Rock the Night”

Frivolous “Ostalgia”

Sascha Braemer “Belle”

SIS “Machiste”

Nu feat. Jo Ke “Fool”

What were your favourite tracks in 2011? Send me a comment!

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