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Oh my, how many times did you get asked what you are doing for New Year’s Eve these past days? So many parties, so many choices, but you don’t know what to do? Then we have a little surprise for you: We are inviting you to our iHeartBerlin New Year’s Eve House Party! Yes, all of you. We have invited six of our favorite DJs to give us the best music for the most celebrated night of the year: Hara Katsiki, Eliza Foxxx, Oh Sophia, Joey Hansom, Hannes Smith and Mate.

And where does the party take place? At YOUR house, silly! Our DJs made some exclusive mixes and mixtapes for your NYE house or warm-up party. We have something for everyone: party pop, indie rock, techno, electro, wave and old time classics. And to bring all of our iHeartBerlin readers into your house, we made the biggest iHeartBerlin party photo slideshow from our favorite parties of the past years. Have fun with our mixes and photos after the jump. Here’s to the New Year!

This up here is the slideshow of a selection of our favorite parties. It’s best to select one of the mixes and press play, then go up to the slideshow and press the fullscreen button on the right lower corner. Let the party begin!

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

Hara Kastiki is bringing us an eclectic mix of electronica and retro disco. She was also one of the GIF artists and DJ at the GIF opening. She often plays at Bar Tausend and has a regular night at KTV.

Desire by Hara Katsiki

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

Eliza Foxxx is a radio host at Flux FM (Off the records). She was also one of the co-founders of the sorely missed Cinéma party that took place at .HBC on Mondays earlier this year. Rumor has it it might come back next year… Meanwhile check out Eliza’s street fashion blog. For our NYE house party Liz has made a sweet indie rock mix for us.

Her mix is offline unfortunately. In replacement she is recommending this song:

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

Oh Sophia is one half of the sexy DJ duo Tigeress that plays regularily at Backyard, 8MM and Kingkong Club. Sophia also has her own blog. In her traditional NYE mixtape you will find anything from tropcial dance hits, melancholic classics and brand new music.

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

Joey Hansom is the man behind the event and booking agency Expatriarch that is giving us wonderful parties at Chez Jackie, HBC and Monster Ronson’s. For NYE Joey is giving us the latest of electronic dance music from artists from Berlin including Barbara Panther, Kool Thing, Creep and Aerea Negrot.

Joey Hansom NYE Set for iHeartBerlin by iheartberlin

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

The mix of newcomer Hannes Smith is quite special. It’s more atmospheric and calm, very beautiful, including songs from Nicolas Jaar, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and himself. His own music style he descirbes as cinematic dance music.

His mix is not online anymore, instead we have a live set from him that was recorded back in September:

Hannes Smith LIVE @ Saarbrücker 23, Berlin (15.09.2012) by HANNES SMITH

iHeartBerlin NYE DJ Sets

Mate is young and promissing DJ who is bringing us a mix for all the techno fans amongst you. If you want to enjoy him live he will be playing at Ritter Butzke this NYE.

Even tech love is a deep feeling by Mate (Rummel/Klopfgeist)

Last but not least we are giving you our own mixtape of our favorite remixes, electro pop and dance hits including Woodkid, Planningtorock, Lykke Li, Bodi Bill, GusGus, Hurts, Goldfrapp, Moloko and so much more…

Have a great party! Guten Rutsch!

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