Lusting for Curiosity? – Friedrichslust

There are probably many vintage hunters and antique specialists among our readers who are able to hunt down the best bargains and the most special objects in any normal fleamarket. But some of you are perhaps also fed up from all the fleamarket culture and want to go to some special shop for once in a while. To get a real interior inspiration I think Friedrichslust can give you as much pleasure as the Wunderkammer in Kreuzberg can. The little shop hidden in a backyard near White Trash has so many special items and furniture that you might not be able to shop anything in the end. Because you just don’t want to take anything away from this magical shop. The cherry on top of it are the sculptures of pan called forest gods. They seem like mystical guards of this wonderful place. Do you know any other cool and mystical interior shops in Berlin? Tell us in the comments! Enjoy more pictures , the address and the opening times after the jump.


Schönhauser Allee 8, Backyard right

10119 Berlin

Mo – Fr 13-19h, Sa 12-17h

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