The 5 most inspiring fashion people in Berlin (for me)

Nancy Zhang

I know so many people working in fashion that I am positively engaged when I meet a biomechanic or any sort of person working outside the vanity industry.  Nevertheless i realized that just a few people I know working for fashion surprise and inspire me everytime I meet them by the way they dress. This shortlist that I made in anticipation of Fashion Week is just based on my everyday life. There are wonderful people out there I might not know, or I just don’t meet on a regular basis. But these five handsome individuals, are the eyecandy of every party or event I go. They are kind of my fashion heroes. That’s why I wanted to dedicate them this post. Find out who they are after the jump.


If anybody is able to walk in the strangest and most peculiar shoes, then I would say it is Philipp. He has an extraordinary ability to transform any kind of object into a fashion accessorie. Still most people would think he is on his way to a bizarre costume party, I recognize always a strong and serious fashion intention in any of his outfits. We have very often the chic or freak discussion and perhaps we have different perceptions of what is too much, but we always agree that as long as you stay in your own boundaries of taste any outfit is permitted.


The devils wears vintage would be the prominent title of Katja’s amazing biography. She’s not only able to capture the best style of the cities she lives in and travels to in her blog glamcanyon, but can show off some great styles herself. I am always intruiged by the way she makes every cheap 80s prom dress look like a cool avant-garde piece. I love the way she takes fashion as a serious business to make jokes about.


Even if people might think he is more famous for showing his dick or his butt,  I think the great succes David has with his blog dandy diary is based on his incredible style. He charmed various streetstyle photographers and fashion gurus with his inspirational looks and sweet attitude. He imposes trends that you first see on him and then discover on every corner of our city. What I really appreciate about David is that he started an interesting dialogue about fashion letting all different kind of people judge his looks. That’s not only really masochistic but also shows a way to deal with the gap between the „normal“ world and the fashion industry.


Immagine the most inspiring fashion illustration book ever made and you get a glimpse of Nancy’s great work. She ist not only one of the most talented illustrators I know. With her incredible sense for beauty she styles herself with amazing taste and creativity. What I like about her looks is that you recognize the fantasy world of illustrations she lives in and still can appreciate it in the real world.


Winning our vintage smackdown and getting the crown for Vintage Queen was a well-deserved price for such a talented girl like Anne. Even if she is quite shy and doesn’t show herself so often on her blog Driftwood, where she feauters her DYI projects, she is always dressed with incredible appeal. If one day her dream of an own vintage boutique comes true, I am sure she will make a fortune with her incredible vintage finds.

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