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The time has finally come: Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive will be released this Thursday. I have been excited about this film for months as I was lucky enough to see it at the Vienna Film Festival back in November. It was a Saturday Night 12 pm showing and yet the massive Gartenbau Cinema was sold out completely. Drive had premiered in Cannes, the Refn received the palme d´or as best director and the film was received outstandingly well by audiences and critics alike. So word was out that this was a must see.

Everybody had a beer, everybody was excited and as soon as the film started all hearts stopped in awe. Ryan Gosling is Driver. The nameless Protagonist works in a garage and as a stuntmen during the days, and becomes a getaway driver at nights. He seems  introvert and calm, but starts opening up a a littel when he meets and falls in love with his neighbour, Irene (Carey Mulligan). When Irenes husband returns the films starts picking up it´s pace, just to slow down again in all the right moments. Things go wrong, Driver is in trouble, we suddenly see whats inside him, as he fights for his life and Irenes safety.

Refn tells this story in an action manner, but treats it´s protagonists with much more empathy and respect than these films usually do. It pays attention to detail, evokes emotions atypical for this genre and tops the cake with great music.

If you like action thrillers you´re hopefully already checking playing times in a nearby cinema. If this isn´t your typical choice, let me try to convince you again: Drive is much more than an action thriller. It´s a character study, an amazingly empathetic film that finds the perfect balance between action and conversation, fast cuts and slow motion and has an amazing cast. Go see it on the big screen!

All trailers and more Ryan Gosling Films after the Jump!

And for all of you that simply want to see more of Ryan Gosling after this film, I have the following suggestions:

Remember the Titans (D: Boaz Yakin, USA 2000)

A classical Football film set in Americas south in the 1970s. The newly appointed African-American High school football coach Herman Boone (Denzel Wahington) has a tough time managing to build a team with both black and white kids. Soon Football teaches them that colour doesn´t matter, but their newly found football bonds is tested by society. Gosling plays one of the football boys and looks almost like back in the days at the Mickey Mouse Club.

Lars and the Real Girl (D: Craig Gillespie, USA 2007)

A clever and tragic comedy, featuring a Golden Globe nominated and heartbreaking performance by Ryan Gosling. Lars (Gosling) is a shy thirty year old, who lives in a garage and really only want to be left alone. When he orders a lifelike doll and believes she is in fact a real person, the whole village plays along.

Blue Valentine (D: Derek Cianfrance, USA 2010)

Dean (Gosling) and Cynthia (Michelle Williams) are trying to save their marriage and this gloomy low-buget drama tells their tale from the very beginning. The promising boy meets girl story alternates with their arguments and hopeless attempts to spark their love again. This film is straightforward, honest, truly sad and amazingly never overdone or tacky.

The Ides of March (D: George Clooney, USA 2011)

We all know politics is a dirty business, but this film shows it in a fashion that actually made me care. Stephen Meyers (Gosling) works for Presidential Candidate Mike Morris (Clooney) with all his heart. He really believes this man can change the country and tries his best to convince the voters. One mistake leads to another and soon Stephen starts loosing his hope, enthusiasm and believes. Gosling, Clooney, Philipp Seymour Hofmann, Marisa Tomei and  Paul Giamatti deliver great performances.

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