Hello, Interview Magazine!

We have been waiting for it for a long time – and it was worth it. Today, the first German issue of Andy Warhol’s legendary Interview magazine was released. Get more information after the jump.

The first thing you notice is: The magazine has a great haptic quality, which is quite important in the age of the internet: the paper feels nice, the format is unique and the design is great.

What I also like: there is a lot to read! And what you get to read goes beyond the shallow and stupid bullshit that you find in most other lifestyle magazines. In other words: In this magazine, you do not have the feeling that the content was entirely produced by PR agencies.

I particularly enjoyed the conversation between René Pollesch and Thomas Macho. Additionally, there are interviews featuring Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Chloë Sevigny, Scarlett Johansson und Kim Gordon. One of the highlight is definitely the story of the Interview magazine, which is told in no less than 40 pages.

When it comes to the pictures, the Interview magazine is not exactly overwhelming. Well, the cover story with Lana Del Rey is great, there is a amazing series by Markus Pritzi with psychedelic 70ies pictures, and the idea to include Gerard Malanga, one of Andy Warhol’s former assistants, was also quite smart. Nevertheless, I do miss something that makes this magazine truly unique and extraordinary. Anyhow, check out this wonderful “Making of” video from the photo shooting with Lana Del Rey:

The last time Germans tried to adjust an international lifestyle magazine, it was a great failure: the German Vanity Fair died after just two years. Interview is different though. You can already see that in this first issue. After all, this is a terrific start, and I am looking forward to the next issues.

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