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Betty Drunk GBR 2011 Director: Laure Prouvost © Laure Prouvost

The 62. Berlinale dominates the upcoming week: Forum Expanded – its avantgardistic and experimental section – combines film, installation and performance in countless events; and, of course, many galleries go along with the current art-film trend: neugerriemschneider features a film by James Benning, and Cinzia Friedlaender presents the newest creation by artist duo Jutta Pohlmann and Dirk von Lowtzow. Besides all the films, Berlin also offers other artworks, as for instance installations by Robert Morris, paintings by Marcel Eichner and perhaps something kinky and rebellious by Dash Snow.

Wednesday, Feb 08

Forum ExpandedBerlinale‘s section focusing on the borders and the intertwining of art and film – features two group exhibitions with international artists. Titled “Critic and Clinic“, the exhibition refers to a major essay by Gilles Deleuze. Therefore it critically deals with issues regarding psychiatric institutions. One of the shows is located at Kunstsaele Berlin (Bülowstrasse 90) and celebrates its opening from 18-21h.

Thursday, Feb 09

The other “Critic and Clinic” exhibition takes place at Gutschow-Haus (Friedrichstraße 17) and opens on Thursday from 17-19h. There are also several artist talks following within the Berlinale timeframe. To check those out, visit Forum Expanded‘s program.

Galerie neugerriemschneider (Linienstr. 155) presents the newest work by film and video artist James Benning, whose picturesque movies have many similarities with traditional paintings. The private view starts at 18h and ends at 21h.

The American conceptual artist Robert Morris has a solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin, where he will show several works from his earlier career and his current works. As he is one of the most famous minimalist sculptors, this for sure is a must-see show. The opening reception takes place at Oranienburger Straße 18 from 18h-21h.

Also, artconnnect Berlin host their third Networking Breakfast, which will include a speech by the Finnish, Berlin-based artist Saana Inari and Australian curator George Ironside as well as a (I can promise, I tried it last time) a reeeeaaally yummy and large breakfast. This is a good opportunity to get to know people in a very relaxed atmosphere. This time, the breakfast takes place at NODE Center for Curatorial Studies (Waldemartstraße 37A, backyard, top floor) from 10-12h. You need to pay for food and coffee in advanced on their website.

Friday, Feb 10

CFA Gallery (Am Kupfergraben 10) is always worth a visit, especially on opening days – and even mor so if there is an exhibition about Dash Snow. Fortunately, this is the case. CFA (Contemporary Fine Arts) hosts the show, which also features works by the painter Marcel Eichner, and invites for a private view from 18h-20h. Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender presents the newest film-project by the artist duo Jutta Pohlmann and Dirk von Lowtzow. “In the tittery” starts at 19h and runs until 21:30h at Potsdamer Straße 105.

Saturday, Feb 11

Monika Grzymala, an artist famous for her room filling drawings and installations, will be showing her series sculptural “Aerial” at Galerie Crone. The exhibition opens from 18-21h at Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26.

Sunday, Feb 12

The week ends with Berlin’s perhaps MOST IMPORTANT exhibition of the year: Gerhard Richter‘s large retrospective “Panorama” finally left London’s Tate Modern and crowns the painter’s 80. birthday (on the 9th of February). The private view – literally, as far as I can see – seems to be private. But on Sunday the exhibition, located at Neue Nationalgalerie, invites all art-lovers to appreciate the 140 (!) original Richter-paintings.

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Sekret | Secret, Forum Expanded, POL 2012, Director: Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, Agnieszka Podsiadlik

Jutta Pohlmann and Dirk von Lowtzow at Cinzia Friedlaender

Robert Morris at Sprüth Magers Berlin

Dash Snow

Saana Inari “Selfportrait. Deer” (Speaker at Networking Breakfast)

Monika Grzymala “Aerial” at Galerie Crone

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