Hollywood on Ice! – Movies for the snowy days

The clear blue sky and sunshine almost suggest summer, but the white fluff on the pavement clearly states: it’s icy cold, and you better put on three layers of clothing before heading outside.

The weather is the topic of the week, Facebook is full of snow pictures and the weather report is the most anticipated part of the TV programme.

So even though the weather is perfect for a long walk, the nights call for cuddling up on the couch and watching films. And because I don´t want to think about summer I choose snow to be the topic of the week! So turn the heater up, but a DVD in and feel great, because compared to these films it´s actually quite nice outside…

Fargo (D: Ethan and Joel Coen, USA/UK 1996)

Probably the first film that springs to everyone’s mind when it comes to snow in films. This early Coen Brothers production is not only charming and funny, it is also a thriller. It is a great mix of genres that you need to see if you haven´t already, especially for Frances McDormand’s Oscar winning performance.

The Shining (D: Stanley Kubrick, UK 1980)

This subtle but heart-stopping thriller from master Kubrick is another classic. Jack (Jack Nicholson) decides to watch a closed hotel during the winter months with his wife and son. Cut off in the mansion, the family seems fine at first, but soon Jack starts to change.

Smilla´s sense of snow (D: Bille August, DK/D/S 1997)

A little boy dies, and Smilla simply doesn´t want to believe he fell off the snowy roof while playing. Starting investigations by herself, she starts collecting evidence, and by doing so, she puts her life at risk. The film opened the 1997 Berlinale and is another snowy thriller.

Kitchen Stories (D: Bent Hamer, N/S 2003)

Finally a comedy – and this is a really heart-warming film. Kitchen stories tells the tale of two men becoming friends. The Norwegian-Swedish production features typically Scandinavian humour, which I love. It´s ironic, heartfelt and honest. And the music in this film is fantastic as well.

The Art of Flight (D: Curt Morgan, USA 2011)

It may sound odd, but I watched this film on Christmas Eve. First completely opposed, I quickly stopped trying to convince my family to turn my brother’s present off. The camera captures the amazing endeavours of world famous snowboarders in the most fascinating scenery. Although I do not have the slightest  interest in winter sports or sport documentaries, I was absolutely fascinated by the takes of this films. I´d even watch it again sometime.

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