Die Antwoord – the supreme ugly

The time of pretty popstars is over, darlings. Die Antwoord, the South African art and trash collective, are back with a new album “TEN$ION”.  I was first disgustated, then amused and now I am thrilled by the way they look, they act and they sound. Is ugly the new glamourous? I am not talking about being ugly in a trashy or natural way. I am talking about being really really ugly. Lana del Rey beeing on the cover of British Vogue portraying a plastic surgery monster instead of a real Vouge beauty is another example of this trend. However, with Die Antwoord I have the feeling that uglyness has a new shape. Being an abomination of human kind instead of the perfection we always aspire.  Well, I am really interested how this trend is going to continue. Watch the new videos of Die Antwoord after the jump.

This is the trailer that I really like.

That`s the new song which first shocked me and now amazes me.

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