The Weekend Party Guide ( Pussyschnee )

There it is fresh and tight, our weekend party guide. I take back what I said last time (the part about the cold only), it is fucking freezing, I can’t stand it no longer and I want to kill my Australian friends who freak happily about the snow. Yeah nice. But it’s my job to somehow make you feel interested enough in party life to not stay at home with a cup of tea and the cat on your lap. Let’s see what we got and if it works right after the jump:


Two parties that favour a rather gay crowd on the very same evening. Arm & Sexy has been around for a while, a garant for cheap drinks, Ur – Berliner atmosphere developed in charming Neukölln bars. Blitz is a rather new party by an Australian bloke that started as a kind of freak party and now also attracts “normal”party people, having found home at Horst Kreuzberg as it seems. Two events – your choice! Arm & Sexy at Eierschale Zenner, Alt Treptow with Turmspringer and Blitz as usual at Horst, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, Kreuzberg, queeeeerrrr!

Silken Erie with Tim Sweeney at Loftus Hall, the new Kleine Reise, not too far from where the old one was located. Beautiful Swimmers and Dada Disco are playing too, Maybachufer 48, new homeee!


The Mit Vergnuegen guys made Cro coming to Berlin, the German shooting rap star ( not that there were many ) who managed to reach a mega-high fan quote on Facebook within shortest time and therefore produces a song only for his pandas, his fans. How cute, a lovely rapper that is. Rappidemmi at What?! CLub: Karl Liebknechtstrasee, starts 23.00, 8,00 Euro, yo man, pussy!

Stattnacht at Stattbad Wedding, solid techno, tech house This place is not solely a club, it covers art and events as it does good parties. You only have to make it up north to Wedding to enjoy music by folks such as Alexi Delano, Agaric, A Guy Called Gerald, Marcus Meinhardt b2b Empro, record djane and mother Cinthie, Daniel Dreier, the blogging dj Fresh Meat and more. The exhibition Ausstellung Rampenlicht starts at 8 pm., Gerichtstr. 65, S+U Wedding / S Humboldhain, in the ghetto!

Deutsch Magazine Release Party at former Alte Münze, now pop up Cookies Cage with Dj Fetisch, Steffen Baumann, Pony Pop, Zwei Horn Disko and Burlesque Performance, posh elder Mitte folks!

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