We Will Always Love You!

It´s Valentines Day! One of the most frowned upon „holidays“. Some find it most romantic and plan the day or night for months. Others think that it has  been invented by some clever gift card or flower shop owner and don´t make anything special of it whatsoever. I must say I´m part of the latter group and considered not even mentioning it. But then Whitney Houston died, and since then I hear „I will always love you“ wherever I go. The famous song from Bodyguard was Houston’s greatest hit and entered the charts again after her sudden death.

Two big reasons to go for romantic blockbusters, so I thought: why not? Get ready for those films that we love and hate at the same time. Those flicks that cool kids won´t even admit ever having seen, those movies which the hopelessly romantic has watched at least 50 times in their teenage days. These films seem to be a kind of collective childhood memory – and watching the trailers actually brought back tons of memories…

The Bodyguard (D: Mick Jackson, USA 1992)

The ex secret service Agent Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) is hired to protect the beautiful singer Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston). When the pop star is stalked, they retreat to the woods and fall in love as he never leaves her side. So it´s the romantic fantasy of becoming a pop star that every little girl has. Additionally, the movie features one of the most heartbreaking airport scenes since Casablanca.

Casablanca (D: Michael Cutiz, USA 1942)

The all time classic with stunning Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa) and Humphrey Bogart (Rick). Rick helps his ex lover Ilsa to escape to America, and hearts break when these two just cannot be together. It´s a deeply political film, smothered with love and Hollywood stardom.

When Harry met Sally (D: Rob Reiner, USA 1989)

Harry (Billy Chrystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) meet driving up to New York together. They seem to be perfect opposites, but become best friends before finally kissing on New Years eve. The infamous orgasm scene at Katz Diner surely played it´s part in making this one classic romantic comedy.

Pretty Woman (D: Garry Marshall, USA 1990)

What can I say? Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the rich man and the prostitute. They fall in love, but it seems it is not meant to be. But then Roxette sings It must have been love, and he climbs the modern horse. Oh, how I loved that film…

Dirty Dancing (D: Emile Ardolino, USA 1987)

I wonder if anyone doesn´t think of this film when hearing Time of my life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. When Frances aka Baby comes to the summer camp, she is stil daddy`s favorite little girl. But then she meets dance teacher Johnny, and he teaches her to dance like a pro. Naturally, they soon fall in love. A bit of social injustice and stupid presumptions stir it all up and make us jump with joy when Baby and Johnny lead the final dance!

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