The Weekend Party Guide (without Berlinale)


Movies? Parties! This is where you can meet the stars, that couple with the most beautiful – of – all – but –  scarily skinny wife with the ageing bloke Brangelina, that old guy Antonio Banderas, the ever beautiful Salma Hayek and the vampire boy – they’re all here and they like to party too! You don’t care at all? Ja, me neither. No Berlinale parties in this guide, just pure Berlin fun after the jump:


Have a Whiskey and dance Tango or Foxtrott at Wilde Renate with djs Alland Byallo, Beaner and Samanta Fox, Alt Stralau 70; 5 Euro!


The Tape Club is closing. I can’t shake off the feeling every week I have to announce another club closing. This one, well you could see it coming though, internal affairs and rumours concerning financial issues, it just didn’t seem to work out. But a club closure is always a shame. Tonight they “celebrate” the closing wih a big party and nice line up featuring Move D, DJ Highfish, Richard Zepezauer, San Gabriel and Quarion amongst others. Farewell Tape!

Das Glow Concrete Release Party takes place at Horst Kreuzberg with Cosmin Trg, A Made Up Sound, Aussie girl Kate Miller and Das Glow!

Deep Fried No 5 takes again place at Loftus Hall with Brother’s Vibe, Matthew Styles, Oskar Offerman and Schoppen Wittes in mighty XBerg / New-Koelln by the water!


The wonderful Dillon is playing live at Hau am Ufer. Be prepared that the new star on the heaven of emotional tunes will cause shivers down your spine, 16 Euro!

Our old friends of Paris Suit Yourself are playing again ( not forgotten is the vocalist’s tight trousers no no ) – at Hbc plus there will be an art exhibition by Infinite Livez and more wicked live music by Debmaster, Infinite Livez & Krach der R0boter. The evening is hosted by Lady Gaby and supported by dj Paulo Chinatown!

A Night with the Sorry Entertainers costs you 8 Euro in fancy Mitte at Ktv, that opened last year in an old house and has several rooms, them open depending on the event taking place. U Zinnowitzerstr!

Joika No 2 takes place at the Samehead’s very own store in New – Koelln, this time with a dj from Goethenburg whos name is Sankt Göran and the Telephones from Norway!

Blackstrobe ( Arnaud Rebotini ), Plastique De Reve & Andrew Claristridge are playing at Flamingo tonight, Mitte – Titte at Hackescher Markt, under the S – Bahnbögen ( really no idea how to translate this word and far too lazy to look it up )!

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