The Weekend Party Guide (Skrillex What?)


A man none has ever heard of until recently is the new star, hipster alarma at a gallery, champagne or weird drugs at some festival that is taking place during winter, Sunday hangover parties and much more in your weekly partyguide after the jump:


Tonight The Berlinische Galerie will be the meeting point for fashion victims, young party folks and other illoustrous people cause Conny Opper is calling for an early evening art event, featuring artist Boris Mikhailov!

It’s Dolled Up is a tour stopping by in Berlin tonight bringing with it Golden Bug from Paris, Killa Kela and the front woman of Basement Jaxx with their mutual project Them & Us, Gora Sou of Sizarr, Akim from Romania and future-rapper David Scribbles from Zwasiland. There will also be an art and design exhibition only for tonight at Fritz Club at Postbahnhof!!

And where do you buy your music? The worldwide biggest download platform for electronic music celebrates 8 Years of Beatport at Watergate. They have been picky with line-up of course Drumcode Boss Adam Beyer, Poker Flat Mastermind Steve Bug, Cadenza’s Reboot and Maceo Plex are playing plus a floor with young talents. Nice! 


Skrillex is the man of the year, a man that barely someone knew before he won all these prices recently . “Who the fuck is Skrillex” is going to become a historical shoutout. He will be playing tonight at Columbiahalle ( not Astra ) and his music is not soft and cosy I can tell you!

It boys! present: Front Line Combat at Barbie Deinhoffs feat. Emilio. The eccentric It Boys send member Emilio over to Barbie’s to play!

Would you like champagne? This is something you will not be asked at Champagnerama – Berlin Winter Festival at Cube – Alte Kindl-Brauerei in Neukölln. Rather “would you like some Roflcoptr? “, a thing you shouldn’t answer positive if you want to enjoy the line-up featuring Skinnerbox live, Massimiliano Pagliara, Turmspringer, David Dorad, Sebo & Madmotormiguel, Mira, The Sorry Entertainers and and and ….. this festival lasts three days, time to get home and make a nap, no need for Roflcoptr! Update: Champagnerama unfortunately is cancelled!!!


Stattbad Wedding was designed by Ludwig Hoffmann, during the war the building was badly damaged and in the 50s and 60s, rebuilt and re-modelled. In the early two-thousands the complex was shut down. The old pool now is open again and features the monthly Stattnacht for all lovers of electronic music combined with an art exhibition that starts earlier the night. Tonight is Greco Roman Night with Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Tyree Cooper, The 2 Bears, Matias Aguayo, Jake the Rapper and tge GR Soundsystem, Gerichtstr. S Wedding, Ghetto!

Neukölln Deep Party with Achterbahn D’Amour (Iron Curtis & Edit Piafra), Ville Vähäsaari and Andrew Hiljá at the Sameheads store for fair 4 Euros, Richardstr.!

At Flamingo there is Potatoe Time and Last Days – resident Engtanzkavalier will be playing amongst others such as The Dancing Potatoes,  Hackescher Markt, under the SBahnbögen..!


Your house is my house music: It’s Sunday and there are ton of options like brunch with your parents or friends, get some visiting friends to Berghain cause there are the “cool people” on a Sunday, supposedly, but honestly, most of the time you have the worst hangover and won’t make it anywhere. Not these guys who are launching a new weekly Sunday party called Stop and Collect at Luzia with resident Nicolas Castle and weekly guests, this time Schwarz Dont Crack (Nyc/Berlin) live & Kate Miller!

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