Buenos Aires Party Photos

The Sundays pool party at Axel Hotel is not the kind of party I would go to here in Berlin. We kind of stumbled into it after we had spent a lovely afternoon in the Axel Spa. For old people like me and my awesome friends Sarah and Welle the party time from 18-22h is quite practical I must say, because we rarely made it past midnight. Despite the cheasy dance music (David Ghetta and Rihanna…) and the mainstream gay crowd (round muscles and tribal tattoos) we had loads of fun here. Maybe the cheasiness is exactly the reason why we had so much fun? But maybe it was also the hilarious crew of gogos and entertainers goofing around at the pool. Enjoy some funny photos…

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The Dengue party at the Gong club reminded me a little of the Shade party at Flamingo. It takes place every Thursday, but in case of a Holiday also on Sundays (which is the more crowded occasion). The audience is more mixed there compared to Shade, but also lots of cute guys dancing around here.

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