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The number 13 is bad luck, at least that´s what people suffering from Triskaidekaphobia – the fear of the number 13 – believe. Today ist he 13th of March, so you should be careful not to walk under a ladder or let a black cat cross your path. If yet it does happen, just quickly drop a glass, search for a lucky penny or go shake a chimney sweepers hand. Has anyone guessed it yet? This week is all about films on superstition.

Rosemary’s Baby (D: Roman Polanski, USA 1968)
Polanski Horrorfilm begins romantic, when Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into a new apartment in New York. But strange things are going on and Rosemary becomes more and more suspicious. When Rosemary gets pregnant, things start to take turns fort he worse…
The Film is complex and plays on traditional superstition, as well as with issues of it´s time. Mia Farrow as Rosemary is a joy to watch and also John Cassavetes as her husband is brilliant as always. Definitely a must see film!

Volver (D: Pedro Almodovar, ESP 2006)

Most likely many of Almodovars Films have some kind of motif of superstition, because his female leads are always such crazy characters that do all sorts of mad things. In Volver Penelope Cruz is Raimunda, whose sister Sole starts seeing their deceased mother. Delusions and Confusions  don´t stop and tricky situations are turned around time after time.

Typical for Almodovar the women’s feelings play a bigger part than the story itself in this film. Although I though the could have trusted itself a bit more towards the end instead of explaining everything we saw it is still worth watching, even if it´s just for Penelopes butt-cushion.

The Exterminating Angel (D: Luis Bunuel, Mex 1962)

Wealthy couple Nobile throws a perfect Dinner party. But sadly none of the guests can leave the room afterwards; they are all kept in the room for unknown reasons. Nobody can enter the room either and thus the guests are entirely on their own, trapped with each other.

Even after watching this film multiple times, many scenes, of this Palme D’Or Nominee 1962, are still a conundrum, but then Bunuels films are masterpieces known fort his exact fact…

Because I could only find a Spanish trailer, here´s one subtitled scene instead.

Friday the 13th (D: Sean S. Cunningham, USA 1980)

This is the starting film fort he Friday the 13th Cult, Basis of many Remakes and Sequels and along with Halloween it triggered the wave of slasher film sin the US. The plot is quickly summarised: An unknown Killer murders innocent Campers with different weapons and methods. But although you may be able to predict the ending this classic is definitely worth seeing.

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