The Weekend Party Guide (#Cray)


Tights: into the bin, warm socks: back into the draw, leggings worn as long undies: oh please, scarf: pah, fur: you really did wear fur, I don’t care if it’s your granny’s fur, it is the dead body of an animal. Boys: long undies, pathetic, get them off immediately! To win tickets for the Shambo Party and for White Trash check out our Facebook Fanpage from time to time. Springtime parties after the jump:


Schachmatt Die 8 – Weltpremiere und Alte Hasen at Kater Holzig. They may be alte Hasen, but these chicks are still massively hot. Angie, the doorgirl of fear and your nightmares with her selection of music, also Britta Arnold – girlpower by independent women #fit!


Homopatik, the secret queen of gay parties drifts into Steinzeit at About Blank is for the HomoSexual to the HomoPatikus (No Gender) with music by Mr.Ties und Höhlenmenschen!

Erobique is playing at Horst Kreuzberg and for a night of dancing even some Mitte girls leave their cosy village for a night out. What is Erobique gonna do this time, last time he shaved his massive disgusting beard on stage…Furthermore D*ruffalo Hit Squad and Grizzly.

HGich.T (zwischen kunsthochschule und trancebanalitäten) are playing at White Trash Fast Food’s cellar, beware! Give yourself this mixture of Oldschool Goa Trance Techno #cray.Then there is a The Shredder DJ Set and a New Glitz On The Block (dancypopelektropunk) & Betty Ford DJ Set in Mitte, Schönhauser Allee. If you want soemthing to laugh at this is the right place, but careful, HGich.T seem to have serious fans, and don’t you ever know, in the end you might start liking takes strange paths sometimes!

L.I.E.S. with Hunee and Steve Summers live at Loftus Hall!


There is a new kid in town swaggering about having everything first in Music, Party, Fashion, Art, Diaries named They definetely got a thing with music and as some of the writers are djing anyway they do a Shambo Party at Backyard. Djs are radio presenter Diana Frankovic who has a weekly column with the hottest shit in music on shambo to Aussie girl Kate Miller who recently played at Horst Kreuzberg and Luzia and Hula Hula Reisegruppe with the electronic – music – column and more. As doesn’t take a thing serious, this party promises to be fun, Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr.5 or 6 Euro, open bar from 11-12 pm if you have liked the blog, will be checked at the entrance!

GHashtag at the Sameheads store for an entry of 6 Euro you’ll get sort of the freaky stuff like Witch, Goth, Bass and Hip Hop in a corner of Neukölln that I , only two years ago, described as ghetto, now new – in – town – hipsters favourite, everything changes but you!

The club culture is forced outside town and Sysiphos was one of the first to jump on the train while it is running. Fortunately Ostkreuz is not too far, even to those who don’t have residency in Friedrichshain. Get on the next issue of Carousel in Rummelsburg with Kotelett & Zadak, Madmotormiquel, Mutlu and more!


Stop and Collect Sundays party by and with Dj Nicolas Castle and guest djs for all who didn’t go out the night before and don’t have to work on Monday or those who are still on the road, but sorry, no time to chill!

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