Listening to music with Oliver Koletzki


As a DJ, producer and the founder of the label Stil vor Talent, Oliver Koletzki is one of most important figures in Berlin’s electronic music scene. Three years ago, he ventured into pop music with his album Großstadtmärchen. Now he released the successor Großstadtmärchen 2. The album features collaborations with artists like Jan Blomqvist, Axel Bosse, Jake the Rapper, Fran and Juli Holz. The result: electronic pop music as its best.

In our interview with Oliver Koletzki, we asked him about music by Shade Sheist, M.I.A., Nina Kraviz and David Bowie. More after the jump.

Shade Sheist feat. Nate Dogg & Kurupt “Where I Wanna Be”

Amazing.  Feel-good music about cruising in a cabrio and smoking weed. I like! It is music that you can only listen to in spring and summer. There is a great e-piano loop from some Soul track; you just need to put some west coast rap on it – and your gangster hymn is one. The video is fun, too, with all the cliches. By the way: Together with Jake the Rapper I recorded a similar track for my new album, it is called „50 ways to love your liver“.

M.I.A “Bad Girls”

Wow. What a video! The topic is provocative. Great pictures, the camera movements and the car stunts are amazing. You can feel that they put quite an effort into this. It looks quite expensive, too.
The music is not my personal taste, but it is very well produced. This song is quite commercial for M.I.A., but it is not shallow or kitschy. I like it.

Nina Kraviz “Pain In The Ass”

Ah, Nina Kraviz, the model-Djane. There is a little hype about her recently published album, which I do not really get. This track is also extremely boring to me. I just hear six patterns, which are being repeated after eight bars. The drums sound cheap.

I would never listen to this at home, only in order to fall asleep. And I would not play it as a DJ. There is just not happening enough. Maybe you could play it at an after hour, when people have already entered a trance-like state of mind. Yes, that might fit.

David Bowie “Sound And Vision”

David Bowie is great. I do not know this song that well, but I love „Heroes“ and „This is not America“. „Let’s dance” is one of my all time favourites. David Bowie is just one of the most important artists of the previous century. He has everything that it needs to be a real star: He is both a gifted composer and a great singer. Additionally, he is very charismatic and a sympathetic entertainer on stage. He is good looking, too, but not in a boyish way. With his interesting personality, he is also somehow mysterious. Additionally, he is a good actor. And, as far as I know, he used to live in Berlin for a couple of years.

Oliver Koletzki feat. Jan Blomqvist “The Devil in Me”

This is my new single. It is on the album „Großstadtmärchen 2“, which was released on March 16, 2012. Well, I hope you like it. I think, we did a good job.

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