The Weekend Party Guide (24/6)


Get over your Frühjahrsmüdischkeit and go hunting some ( Easter) eggs. Parties til you drop and egg hunting during 4 days. Some of us are probably never going to recover after 4 days of partying. Well, here are some that are at least worth all these hangovers, flashbacks, muscle cramps and what else there is, after the jump:


Easter is Next, the easter holiday at Kater Holzig is dominated by a 6 days lasting party, understandable the massive line up, 24/6 takes a lot of djs. There are Jan Blomqvist (live), Channel X, Niko Schwind, The Sorry Entertainers, Nhan Solo, Sebo & Madmotormiquel, Sven Dohse, Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann and mooooore!

Thieves Like Us, Dada Disco and a lot more at Prince Charles tonight, calling out a Kreuzberg Monarchie!


Jung + Wild at Postbahnhof with Thomalla, Kid Simius live who is a part of Marsimoto und Marteria, Wasted Ruffians, Melt-known djane Fryzeit and more right next to SBahn Ostbahnhof!

Iam caring about my pink bitches, what is a gay to do on a lonesome Friday? Perhaps sip some CockTail D’Amore? After losing a temporary home, now at Raum 18, this time with Discodromo and Massimiliano Pagliara *Samba Imperiale* record out soon on CockTail d’Amore Music and Massi, Giacomo and Giovanni on the decks!


Acid Inferno! The god father of acid house, the enlightening, the one who brought out tracks when there was an 80 standing after the number 19. When you weren’t alive to make a Schiss into your panties, right? He is playing at Horst Kreuzberg. Who again is Blake Baxter and A Guy Called Gerald? Never heard of these guys. On Saturday his holyness Dj Pierre is playing. I can’t imagine anything cooler, he did some of the best remixes ever during the 90s and he is still active. Go down on your knees kid and pray for mercy. Dj Flush and Snuff Crew are there too, not the worst!

Ok, this is crazy. If you’re gay and don’t go there, you will miss something for sure. This is like back in Ostgut times. I mean, I don’t wanna influence you or something. But erm, in the Panoramabar – Finest Saturday with Sieg über die Sonne (live), Tama Sumo, Steve Bug and downstairs at Berghain – Snax-Club Pervy Party, Men Only with Boris, Marcel Fengler PLUS Lab.oratory – this is insane man. Iam thinking about wearing a fake moustache and penis only to get in there. But this is not to influence you or something!


Last season’s and the season befores absolute darling Caribou ( Dan Snaith ) plays  8 h dj set at Horst Kreuzberg!

C’Mon Closer easter event of our fabulous blog in Kreuzberg with a party at late hour featuring Snax!, the very dear Oh Sophia Brown and Engtanzkavalier!

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