The Thrill of Anticipation!

I love looking forward to things for weeks! The anticipation really is the better fun at times. Sometimes because the actual experience is a let down or because it simply passes so quickly you want to scream „ again again!“ just like little children do.

I try to make you excited about films here every week and just wanted to be part of the crowd again. Thus I decided to only show trailers of films that aren’t in the cinemas and I haven’t seen yet. Over the course of this year they will hopefully be theatrically released and I will keep you posted on if it was worth looking forward to…

My Week with Marilyn (D: Simon Curtis, UK / USA 2011)

When I worked at the BFI London Film Festival this film was being shot in the city. So really I´ve been excited about it since, because I really like Michelle Willams films. I trust her choices since Wendy and Lucy, Blue Valentine and Meek’s Cutoff and am always looking forward to her new project. This one certainly looks promising…

Jesus Henry Christ (D: Dennis Lee, USA 2012)

Director Dennis Lee has started off perfectly. First he won an Academy Award with his student short and now he´s turned it into an anticipated feature film. Toni Collette plays the mother of 10 year old Henry who is super intelligent, searches for his dad, finds him and insists on bringing the family together. I think the film looks like fun, a heartfelt comedy with a twist.

Moonlight Kingdom (D: Wes Anderson, USA 2012)

The new Wes Anderson can of course not be missing in this list. Although I´m not a huge Anderson Fan, I am actually looking forward to this new comedy with plenty of familiar faces. Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Bruce Willis they are all in this film. The release date for Germany is at the end of may.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (D: David Geld, USA 2011)

The world’s best Sushi Chef is giving an insight on his work, his ambition and the attempt to make his son ready to take over. Those who like Sushi will want to see this film as much as me and those who don´t might still value the film for it´s seemingly poetic pictures. It was shown at the Berlin Film Festivals culinary films section, but still hasn´t been released…

Small Town Murder Songs (D: Ed Gass-Donnelly, Kanada 2010)

A trailer promising not only a thriller, but a phsychological drama. The US-critics are already raging. It’s still a little while until we can form our own opinion, but I´m already looking forward to it.

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