The Weekend Party Guide ( A Berliner is relaxed )

Raz Ohara

Last week a hysterical, very very fat person ( oops ) saw me queing on the loo of some club and, out of nothing, slapped my face slightly saying: I hate you. I was like yeah whatever, what is your problem anyway. She said where she comes from ( San Francisco ), people don’t have that attitude, like, they smile. You don’t want to know my answer, promise, but this is just one incident of a dozen that I have been a witness of over the years. In another Club I saw this dude trying to get into a conversation with a meanwhile quite famous female MTV presenter who didn’t really answer him cause he was drunk and not too attractive I guess. He then called her ugly bitch and sl.t and stuff like that. I mean, come on guys. Even if Berlin is a place that doesn’t seem to have any boundaries, we may not be the friendliest people of this earth, but we let others do their thing. Here you can be whatever you want to, heto, gay, a slut, bi, trans, weird, an Emo, ugly, a virgin, a hand model, a hipster, a freak, even a country boy or a conservative, or a law student: we don’t care. But don’t be surprised if a Berliner doesn’t smile. It’s not in his nature. Fun parties for friendly ( means relaxed ) people after the jump:


L.A. resident Steve Aoki is the son of a wrestler, has a fashion label with his sister Devon, kind of discovered Bloc Party and has done remixes for people such as Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and Lenny Kravitz. Tonight he is playing a concert at Postbahnhof, expect not the usual stuff, Aoki is different!

Buttoms up, it is Time To Move with Emil Doesn’t Drive, who honours Soju Bar with his litlle rolling suitcase full of precious records of past times, always eager to make you dance, always surprising!


The Early Bird After Dinner Party at What?! The boys try something different, like, something we all dream of, but noone ever does it. Could this be the new thingy? Why not have your party at an early time, like, 9 pm and not longer than 2 o clock. Sounds definetely like fun. On Saturday you will be fiiitter than ever, apart from this little hangover of the Jaegermeister, ay!

Deep Fried at Loftus Hall with British Acid House pioneer A Guy Called Gerald meets Belgium’s wonderkid San Soda, diggin records from past and present. Native fellaz Norman Methner and Wittes also add their spice to the pot. Free before midnight / €8 after is quite radical, so be an early bird or a bird with empty pockets!


Danish Raz Ohara, member of Raz Ohara and the Odd Orchestra, US guys Easton West and Qzen are playing next to Ur – Berliners Hula Hula Reisegruppe and Hilarious at Bleach, a new party at Backyard based on a quality electronic line-up of high variety. On this occasion one of the rooms will get a new wooden look, being part of an installation. Nice. Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr.!

A 7 years birthday party with birthday guest Kim Ann Foxman, Mumdance, Thunderbird Gerard ft DJ Stickle live and the Sick Girls at Revolution No5 taking place at Prince Charles!

Recycle– Berlin#s finest Drum ‘N Bass party presents High Contrast from Cardiff + N’Dee (Recycle) + Mr. Jay and more at Gretchen. If you thought Drum ‘N Bass was dead, no way!

Noisey, Nordic By Nature and Ink Music present 120 Days from Norway at Berghain Kantine, also playing Spleen United and Honey for Petzi!


Somo. The Afterhour starts at 5pm. Seth Troxler, Lee Foss, Life and Death, Clockwork, Thugfucker, Mass Prod, Silvie Loto are gonna help you staying alive!

What about this afterhour: Wagonquest, Konrad Black, Empro and more at Wilde Renate cause There Is A light That Never Goes Out!

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