The Weekend Party Guide (Rave and Riot)

Oh my, they all freak. Random men start speaking to you on the street, girls wearing tiny skirts, flirting. Summer has arrived, the hormons drive em wild. Quick, little party kid, into the darkness of the night, protect yourself from the crazyness of flirthungry folks and dive into the music. In case you want to party AND flirt in the sun, first of May is up and with it wilderness on the streets of Berlintown. Nanah, don’t even think about throwing bricks, leave that to the ones who trained hard over the years. Where and when to rave and riot right after the jump:


Grand opening of Filthy Gorgeous, a new party at Backyard, Gitschiner Str. 22 U Prinzenstraße with Voin from Blitz, Drew from London Calling, mis-shape’s Johannes D. Täufer and Jan Metanoize. Call it polysexaul and polysensual!


Aim at About //: Blank with Christian Löffler (live), Bon & Rau, Lowtec, Carsten Jost and Tristen!

Shameless Limitless at Naherholung Sternchen with Ten Daze and Brother Tiger!


A Maisentanz takes place at Sysiphos, the whole weekend in Rummelsburg, like a proper holiday. Line up: electronic, minimalistic, what else!

Arm & Sexy takes place at the Golden Lounge, Elsenstr 103, with djs Delphine & Jonathan!

The Return of The Amazons at Flamingo with The Sick Girls djing!

The Rosa Kiesel Fliegen Feiner party at Kater lasts forever or  at least until Wednesday. They just booked every Berlin dj it seems, do you really want me to name them all? Niconé, Pilocka Krach, David Dorad, Jake The Rapper, NU, Sven Dohse, Britta Arnold, The Sorry Entertainer. I picked randomly, it goes on like this. Somebody told me that every dj at Kater no matter where from receives 250 Euro. This seems a very socialistic basis to me on the first of May weekend, if I count the djs for these 5 days, 67 they are x 250. The entry of what, 12 Euro? Shared through this amount plus the money from the bar minus staff, I always hated maths!


Tauch in den Mai at the Badeschiff in Treptow with Cesare vs Disorder, Walker Barnard, Franz Underwear, Nomad and Tigeress Djs. Face Painting: Katja Dominguez. Free admission! Rain or shine!


Open Airs at Spreewald Platz with Emil Doesn’t Drive and Franz Underwear. Then hardcore open airing in Oranienstr., stages basically everywhere and every music. Also open: tourist’s favourite hang out Club der Visionäre that re – opens for the summer. Ooh what about this, Berghain opens that filthy garden for all the wrecked with Richie Hawtin, the most hated dj of last year ( apart from Guetta ), who caused a proper shitstorm only because he dared to mock about record djs, big bad wolf, uuuh!

That Renate boat is heading of again, called MS Renate with some of the Renate djs, the others might have to stay dry, boarding time: 12:00, Tegeler See, Greenwichpromenade Steg 7, fucking 25 Euro and you will miss the 1st of May revolution which is for free. Iam just saying. but then, renting a boat is also expensive. Whatever, I don’t know!

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