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After a long night of partying, you are standing on your balcony, smoking a last cigarette and thinking about all the bad things you did during the last hours. The Berlin-based band Mittekill has the soundtrack for this situation. Just recently they published their third album All but bored, weak and old. Again, they combine electronic music, 80s synthie pop and Krautrock. In our interview, we asked band founder Friedrich Greiling about music by Iggy Pop, Sóley, Apparat and Madonna. More after the jump.

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing by deimmunization

I like some of the stuff Iggy Pop did, but I was never enthusiastic about it. He gives me a very masochstic feeling of Punk. This song sounds like Peaches, right? They also did a song together, the video for tit was great.

Listening to this song, I realize how long I have been living in Berlin. About 1500 days go, when we used to play at Steve Morell’s Berlin Insane Festival or at Conny Opper’s birthday party at the White Trash, this music would have had a much more mystical effect on me, because Peaches had some kind of renaissance in Berlin’s night life at that time.

Going out, discovering, making new experiences. It was a great time. During that period, I used to listen to this all time. I have to go and to play at the King Kong Klub again.

Sóley – The sun is going down (Rocque& Waslewski Edit)

Sóley – The sun is going down (Rocque & Waslewski Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD by Rocque & Waslewski

The beat is fat, the beat is fat. These subtile claps have been inspired by Stimming, right? How do they all do that? I want to do it as well! And who the hell are Rocque & Wasleweski? And why do so many “techno” producers use their last name? What happened to all the wonderful stage names?

Anyhow, this is how I like to play the piano: chords and bass. Altogether, I really like this track. It is simple, beautiful, sweet and breezy, even though it is a little bit too sweet for my taste. I also heard this voice before – maybe Bodi Bill?

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil by Mute UK

I know his melancholic face quite well. I have seen it on posters and magazine covers. But I am not that familiar with his music, even though I tried several times listening to it at home. I do not really understand what he sings about, but I hardly understand English lyrics at all. To describe the music, I would quote Knarf Rellörn: Being sad is chic. Well, no, that would be a mistake.

On the other hand, I would like to see the movie, for which this music fits: The main character has been fighting with all his power and hope, but he dies of a deadly disease after a short and wonderlike phase of remission If there is a movie like that, you will find me sobbing in the cinema.

Madonna – Girl Gone Wild

Madonna “Girl Gone Wild” by igapromotion

Oh woman. This style is so easy to do, we are going to adopt it as well. My friend Pastor Leumund and I are just working on a project called “Antibiotika”. Leumund is singing, and all I want to do is putting auto tune & co on his left-wing Dada lyrics.

With Madonna, it is the same thing as with Iggy Pop. However, she did not manage to discredit my favourite Abba song; I even liked that one in some kind of way. Generally, Madonna always makes sense in a way, in terms of emanzipation and all that…

Mittekill – Italian Superdisco Funkrok

Italian Superdisco Funkrok by Mittekill

Hehe. Well, that fits into this selection of songs. It’s a strange track, isn’t it? I produced it on a summer afternoon. Even though there is Nu Disco, I would not sure whether anyone anyhow anywhere anytime would include this into a Dj set. But that is not even necessary.

I remember quite well the Spreekind boat on which we did the record release in 2009. The atmosphere was so great when the bass came in for the first time. Sweet!

I still like this track and I do not hope that my Mittekill drummer Sven is going to tell me one day that this is the kind of the song the has gotten older, but in a bad way… That would be regrettable for this track, as dignity is not its most outstanding feature. Anyhow: Don’t take it serious, we had fun.

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