Electronic Beats, Whitest Boy Alive, Woodkid and Prague

photos: Kai Müller

Last Saturday I went on a trip with my fellow bloggers from Amy&Pink, Interview, LesMads, Travelettes, This Is Jane Wayne (see Nike above in the arms of Whitest Boy Alive), Mit Vergnügen and Stylespion to visit the Electronic Beats festival in Prague with Woodkid, The Whitest Boy Alive, Grimes and Mike Skinner from The Streets.

Our trip started with a painfully early train ride to Prague, that some of us used to catch up on sleep or the latest episode of their favorite TV shows or – like me – get tipsy on a plastic cup of prosecco. Once we arrived in the beautiful capitol of the Czech Republic we wandered around in the streets of the city center, trying to escape the tourists and find the cool hot spots of Prague. Not an easy task!

In the evening, after an amazing dinner at the Cafe Imperial we went over to see the live performances at the festival. I was so excited to see Woodkid again, his concert in Prague was even more powerful then the last one and I really enjoyed his new songs, including the new single Run Boy Run that comes out later this month. The Whitest Boy Alive, although not my cup of tea, is an absolute crowd pleaser and it was fun to see Nike from the Jane Waynes goofing around with the band backstage. Enjoy some impressions of our trip and the concerts after the jump.

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