Where were you on the first of May?

Foto: Timor Kodal

People from all around the world say: there is no better place to be for first of May then Berlin Kreuzberg. And it is true that compared to other big street parties which are mostly horrible for me (Karneval der Kulturen is more of a tourist-trapping torture than a real party) first of May is kind of awesome. This year I spent my first of May wandering around and observing strangers and friends from above. I found a hidden staircase that brought me to the nicest rooftops of Kreuzberg and from there I could enjoy the day sitting in the clouds. And you? Where did you spend your first of May 2012? I found two very nice videos from this years celebration. One showing the open air of the Luzia team which is often called the best one among my friends, and a really impressive video from the party on the Tempeholf Airport, which seemed more like a giant music festival than a free open air. Still I am asking myself if all this partying is really contributing to a better understanding of all the cultures living in Kreuzberg. Around the Mosque at Görlitzer Bahnhof were several women with a headscarfs peacefully selling Turkish bakeries to the wandering people, that was nice for me to see. Going home a friend and I walked by some older Turkish guys selling beer. They offered it and as we declined they called us shitty faggots in Turkish. So you see there are still some steps to go towards a tolerant multi-cultural Kreuzberg. Still it was an incredibly amazing day. Enjoy these moving memories of a great day after the jump.

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