All About My Mother

His films are crazy, wicked and always extremely successful. Pedro Almodóvar is the Spanish Superstar among the directors; his new films are shown in the competitions of renowned festivals as well as commercially successful and loved by the audiences. Almodóvar manages the stretch between art and commercial success and wows both critics and audiences with his love, death, homosexuality and transgender topics.

As today is Mother’s Day we want to take a look at his film All About My Mother…

All About My Mother (D: Pedro Almodóvar, ESP/ F 1999)

When Manuela looses her 17-year-old son Esteban in an accident she is devastated and embarks on a search for his father. Her search reunites her with long lost friends but also painful memories. The films is carefully constructed, wonderfully played and simply the perfect mixture of grotesque Burlesque Show and emotional drama.

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